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You will be able to reserve speed dating event, only after you log in. Without beeing logged in, you will always see the 'Reserve' button, which is not an indication of availability. If you are interested in the speed dating events listed below, add yourself to the waiting list! Once there is enough potentially interested, we will organize the speed dating event, and send you reservation confirmation.

Putting your name on a waiting list is non-binding and you don't pay any fee.

Discounted speed dating price will be displayed after you click the 'Reserve' button.

Discounts are only valid if reservation is paid in advance. Only users with a valid (paid) reservation will be admitted to the speed dating event.

It is presumed to be derived from the escutcheon of the aristocratic family of Tasovice.

jako vždy půjdeme po nové atraktivní trase - tentokrát k Netopýrovi- do Speleomuzea Vilémovice- Pojď s námi každou neděli na naši pravidelnou akci pro nezadané do 45 let včetně v Brně zdarma- seznamovací výlet - seznamku - zoznamku.

The speed dating event can end sooner, but we recommend to always reserve about 2 hours.

There is some introduction, about 15 minute break in the middle, and some further instructions at the end.

The Kuřim's coat of arms was created when they promoted the village to a town.I have gone through three personal meetings already, however, I am still looking. CZ is the oldest and largest anime and manga convention in the Czech Republic, organized by a non-profit organization Brno otaku.In the Middle Ages, a significant trade route called the Trstenice Path passed through the area of Kuřim.The town also lies close to the road from Brno to Svitavy, which represents an advantage from the point of view of transportation.

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