Camilla belle dating robert pattinson

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Taylor Swift says it’s "impossible" she’s pregnant!

Camilla Belle talks dreads, designers and falling down!

And let's not forget the possiblity that Camilla A) can date more than one person at a time if she chooses, and B) could be dating one boy and "just friends" with another.

Or maybe she's just a guy's girl who has members of the male species as friends?!

The latest rumor going around the web is that Camilla Belle is dating Robert Pattinson.

Anyone else out there think it’s just not right that Camilla gets Rob AND Joe? You’re like the Angelina Jolie of the Under 21 set!Honestly, I don’t think these two are actually dating. And if she had two find two guys with bushier eyebrows than hers, these would be the two.Here's our two cents--maybe us gossip junkies are getting ahead of ourselves?!Even though Joe Jonas has already said he "LOVES" Camilla, the two have yet to confirm that they're even dating.

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