Dating too early

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Sometimes there are some Christian relationships among students that are a blessing and remain pure, but many times they can also end up as total wrecks.

Although your youth pastor cannot ban or prohibit you from dating, here are some compromises that can hopefully help youth to be careful with their relationships.

Walk in God's Purpose for Your Life Why Men Abandon Relationships Does "The One" Exist?

Many of today’s youth have a misconception about the stand most youth ministries take on students who date.

The time a student has in school can be a great time to grow in the area of independence.

This was pre-Tinder and before any of the dating sites added location services.

We started our relationship when he’s 16 and me 15. It’s difficult to understand each other’s needs when you couldn’t even figure out your own.

We weren’t experienced enough to handle all the conflict we had.

Often students view youth ministers and youth leaders as legalistic people who ban dating just because they don’t trust them. First, youth ministries will never have the power nor authority to ban dating and often simply discourage it.

Secondly, the reason that most youth leaders ban dating among youth is not because they’re legalistic nor is it because they don’t trust students.

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