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In that year's Presidential campaign, however, Nixon lost to challenger John F.Kennedy—who, as TIME put it a few years later, "vowed without qualification that his Administration would persuade a Democratic Congress to pass a medicare bill, to be financed under the social security system." Kennedy died, however, before he could make good on that promise—which is where Johnson comes in.According to Gossip Cop, his legal complaint also alleged misappropriation of his right of publicity because of his popularity in the country.The Bachelor star believes he's the "lonely man" shown in on the said commercial and alleges the site is making profits out of it.The physical location of is Brisbane, 04, Australia.

Soules cited on his lawsuit, the commercial use a "silhouetted cowboy" in front of the Hollywood sign, which he claimed, was him.

By April of 1965, as TIME reported, there were three options in the running: Johnson's social-security-linked compulsory program; an Eisenhower-esque voluntary program with no link to social security; or an American Medical Association-backed plan called "eldercare," which prioritized patient choice and was need-based.

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