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At this age he has already been very popular andsuccessful as an actor. He was born in a place called Hackettstown which lies in New Jersey in the United States of America.

He belongs to the ethnicity white and nationality American.

What he said to me that stuck with me was, ‘You either feel it or you don’t, so we’re going to go through what you felt on this record and pick the best parts and make this record!

' and that’s what we did."Each collaboration on the record was a lesson. My friends and I were calling him ‘Fine Ass Nas.’ That was an honor and everything.

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“I lived in Indonesia for a couple of months and I was stopped by people who wanted to take photos of me – and with me – quite frequently,” she said., the British singer-songwriter has worked with everyone from Robin Thicke to Kanye West. He came in super cool, he spent his three or four hours, he did his shoot. We were really nervous because it was a big drop down and we made it look like we were walking on water. I love Rick Ross." And the love just grows bigger with Cee Lo Green: "Cee Lo was ."Robin Thicke, he’s a real band leader," the "American Boy" singer told Fuse. I learned so much, just physically being in the studio. You go into the studio with someone accomplished as that and everyone expects you to go through the loops and the hoops. He taught me something about being calm and just being cool in the midst of everything." We bet!“It's happened in Malaysia, where my family lives, too.” Her appeal?The fact that she is half Malaysian and half Dutch.

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