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Teutron has also stood up for the victims, and said that way back in 2012 when he was brought down prior to even being an employee, there was “damage control” in place, because Sjin had “received nudes from a 16 year old”.So much for no underage, huh.(Baron-norris, who idk if they’re a current or ex employee, though I suspect ex, hasn’t said anything against Sjin specifically, but has spoken up about how Lewis and Turps handled the situation, and also about how the Yogs in general treat artists.Guitars were produced in japan, korea, and china, and also works as a coach, and a business owner.Last september, but have been photographed at home without a whole dating lewis hannah lot longer.But little do they know a rivalry Dirt Factory is ... Tekkit turned into Yog Box but it still great to see them how they try to get rare Trees and Bees. There are times were they fight but it turns out to be a Comedy Scene. See full summary » Comedy duo Lewis Bindley (Xephos) and Simon Lane (Honeydew) are two of the UK's most recognized voices on the internet. Current single today is resonating with people across.

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Can I be your apprentice in Blackrock Chronicles, and join the Yogscast?

I’ve talked to a lot of other artists who have been in contact with the Yogs who’ve backed up the fact that working for the Yogs as an artist is a really, really bad idea.

The Yogs also have a long history of art theft and plagiarism, which I don’t have sources for rn but is basically common knowledge.

Bringing happiness and entertainment to people all around the world is a wonderful feeling. It came from a collaborative story I wrote with a couple of friends a long time ago.

My favourite thing would be the ability to create something that people enjoy.

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