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Using research from her own lab, she demonstrates that our capacity for experiencing love can be measured and strengthened in ways that improve our health, and offers informal and formal practices to unlock love in our daily lives, generate compassion and even self-soothe.

Fredrickson’s representation of how love actually occurs in the brain may offer a liberating opportunity for lonely hearts; the unattached need not be love-starved or lonely.

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The room was big, with a large horseshoe table and video screens on the walls.You may even be as uncomfortable as they were to talk about dating, sex and the truth to your kids... He covers something in a couple of paragraphs and moves on to either backup what he said, or to lead into another subject, and educates the teen while keeping their attention.The footnote on the front of the book says NOT to be MISERABLE as a TEENAGER because life is SHORT, and seriously, things don't MAGICALLY get BETTER after high school and lots of other IMPORTANT stuff, but we'll get to that later... He includes quips and quotes from famous folks & the Bible, has interviews from kids who want to know what's what, interviews with kids who already know what's what, and so much more! I wish this book had been around when I was growing up. If you had quiet parents like me, you know what I mean. Ever wondered why a guy did this, or why a gaggle of girls do that? Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the Book book review bloggers program.

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